A complete brand development programe, from strategy & positioning to design implementation and launch marketing, for a flagship Moroccan themed beach resort on the East coast of the United Arab Emirates ensured that the property was fully booked out for months well before the actual opening.

Brand strategy
Destination Story creation
Brand design
Collateral design
F&B branding
Above the line communication
Below the line communication
Themed interior signage design

Genius Loci developed the brand strategy and Destination Story for the resort – ideally positioning the new property in the market – before designing the new brand and then rolling it out it across a plethora of operational and marketing collateral. All food & beverage brands were also created along with bespoke menu designs, custom signage and launch communication. We conceptualised the marketing strategy, targeting a pan-European and Middle Eastern audience, and developed a launch campaign leveraging the proximity to the larger cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi – a quick getaway that feels a world away – and highlighting the fact that Miramar was the first and only Moroccan-styled luxury resort on the Eastern sunrise coast – promising a fresher experience to its competitors in the larger UAE cities to the West. Bespoke photography ensured that all collateral had a rich Moroccan look, while targeted copywriting clearly conveyed the particular unique aspect of the resort location on the sunrise coast of the UAE.