Dubai Parks and Resorts engaged Genius Loci for our indepth destination branding knowledge, in order to help create effective placemaking and experience branding for the world’s very first Bollywood theme park – Bollywood Parks Dubai. Successfully channeling the Bollywood style, we injected a sense of action, adventure, music, dance and emotion into all aspects of the destination experience.

Brand Visioning
Environmental Graphics
Wayfinding Strategy
Signage Design

Covering 1.7million square feet, with 5 zones inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, the park required experience branding at every level; from the ride graphics themselves, through to retail, F&B, back of house operations and safety disclaimer signage.

In order to address the very specific needs of the project, we first had to gain a thorough understanding of the target market, the destination operation, the environment complexity and the history of the Indian film industry itself. Only then could we go on to develop over 2500 signage elements!

Working closely with Dubai Parks and Resorts at every stage, each piece of signage or graphics created was highly individual, themed to integrate with their surroundings and designed to enhance the experience for the visitor.